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Blue Zircon - Arabic for "vermilion"

Blue ZirconAlthough the name zircon comes from the Arabic "zargoon' meaning vermilion or golden coloured, zircons also occur in a wide range of subtle greens and browns and are occasionally colourless. Such stones have been used for many centuries in Indian and Sinhalese jewelry. In western jewelry zircons are most familiar as lustrous and fiery vivid blue, golden or colourless stones which are usually cut as round brilliants. These colours are produced artificially by heating brown zircon from Thailand, Kampuchea and Vietnam. Heating in an oxygen-free atmosphere produces blue zircon, which may then be heating in air to give the golden colour. Both processes produce some colourless material. Heat-induced colours sometimes fade on exposure to light but may be restored by careful reheating. Zircon resembles diamond in its fine lustre and fire, so that colourless stones have been both mistakenly identified as diamonds and purposely used as diamond stimulants. Zircon is easily distinguished by signs of wear and double refraction. Although zircon is moderately hard it can be very brittle, and the facet edges of cut stones are easily chipped in wear. It is also strongly doubly refractive, the facet edges appearing doubled when viewed through the stone. Zircon contains traces of uranium or thorium which produce a distinctive absorption spectrum. Radiation from these elements may gradually disrupt and transform the tetragonal crystalline structure to a "metamict" state. Such zircons are usually green and cloudy, show only slight double refraction, and have lower refractive indices, density and hardness

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Ras Thaoum
Ras Thaoum

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