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Jason Withers
Anything is possible with your own exclusive master jeweller
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Designer engagement rings and service
Brisbane, Sydney and Hong Kong

Bespoke Designs. Rare Jewels. Unsurpassed Craftsmanship.
Anything is Possible with your own Exclusive Master Jeweller.

Imagine a universe where passion, love and beauty reign... Imagine talent, expertise, the pursuit of loveliness and a relentless quest for perfection... Imagine the luxury of soft elegances in bygone days, the thousand and one follies of love, the grand and the great and the stars of our earth's soil. Catch a glimpse of the desire in their eyes... You have entered the world of Jason Withers Jewellery Designs.

Versace Foyer

It starts with inspiration, is nurtured by a sketch and evolves into a vision, a passion, a desire. No two Jason Withers pieces are the same, reflecting the truly bespoke nature of his creations. Our passion becomes your joy when these masterpieces find their home.

Diamonds. The stars upon earth, the miracle of time and the glory of this world. An ancient and eternal symbol of love, made to endure as much as the human heart.

Every diamond is a little piece of eternity encapsulating the story of our planet, a tale of love and talent. Jason Withers chooses his stones with passion and confers an almost surreal brilliance on them, whether sported on your hand as a symbol of friendship, love and fidelity, glistening against your collarbones or hidden behind your hair against your earlobe. How could one not feel adorned?

Jason Withers personally selects the exceptional diamonds and gemstones that have inspired these unique works of art. Each Jason Withers creation is a one of a kind, designed with passion and crafted with incredible attention to detail.

Pink Diamonds Ring / Cluster / Lace Dress

Voyage into the paradise of colour in the company of Jason Withers. Encounter diamonds and stones of every hue, each with its own mystery and symbols. Discover the gardens of green, the blaze of blue, the blush of pink... And as always, the Jason Withers style, its inimitable design.

Our selections include fabulous pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia. Highly prized and collectable, Argyle pink diamonds are rare treasures - worn, admired and loved by a fortunate few. What's more, with the Argyle Mine expected to close within a decade, these exquisite gems are becoming increasingly sought after.

Art Deco Ring

Wear your heart on your sleeve and a ring on your finger. Own a piece of the universe. As bright, mysterious and unique as the universe itself, each of Jason Withers' designs is named after a star in the sky.

Engaging Brilliance. Eternal Romance. Forever in Love. The simplicity of a perfectly proportioned round cut diamond has taken hundreds of years to master. The impossible happened in the 1980s when nature was improved, with the development of the Hearts and Arrows precision cut. Show you love her with the ultimate gift - a Jason Withers brilliant cut engagement ring.

Diamonds upon diamonds, surrounded by diamonds. That's the magic of a Jason Withers cluster design, a modern style with the elegance of heirlooms.

Pin-up girls swanning around on the French Riviera. Lipstick-laden blondes, dripping in diamond jewellery, pressed up against cigar-smoking Wall Street suits. The fashions were ground-breaking. The style was Modern Art Deco. Opulence and extravagance in all its glittering glory reflected the post-war joie de vivre. Wear strong, beautiful and bold designs. Wear Jason Withers.

Clean, modern, irresistible. The Princess cut hails from the trendsetting sixties and has fast made an impression on the prevailing women of the day. Feel like royalty with your own Jason Withers princess cut design.

Take a flight of fancy with one of Jason Withers' tantalising fancy cut diamond rings. Evoke the extravagances of the Edwardian-Era with a lavish cushion cut diamond, push the boundaries with an Emerald-cut stone, or dream of your first kiss while admiring your heart-shaped beauty.

Jewellery dwells with a woman, accompanies her and espouses her every movement. Necklaces and bracelets have an art of moving sensually on the skin. Adorned with diamonds, admire how a bespoke piece shimmers and sparkles with a thousand pinpoints of light.

Black and White

He is Brisbane's exclusive custom master jewellery designer who has effortlessly crafted timeless yet fashionably forward and artistic pieces that embody "a la mode". Today, Jason Withers operates on an international level as well as a local one, travelling between states and countries in order to deliver the utmost hospitable service to his clients. With his family, partners and directors working in the jewellery industry since the early 1960's, a time when Russian diamonds were first handled, Jason has been involved in a series of accomplishments that have led to vast business growth.

In the field / Necklace

To Jason, "it is always about the quality and beauty of the ring over the size of the diamond". As the man behind the business he makes certain that every one of his ring designs is met with the Original Diamonds tradition of fine craftsmanship and value that are constructed to mirror the identity of the client, not how much is in their pockets. In order to achieve this, he deals with his clients personally, generating himself maximum association and involvement in a task at hand.


You're invited to visit our flagship studio in Brisbane City, where Jason can create a piece of jewellery commissioned especially for you. We look forward to welcoming you as a valued client and friend soon.