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December 2013

01/12/2013 10:20:21

All is calm, all is sparkling bright! With Christmas just around the corner, November has been a very hectic month indeed. Traditionally it is the favourite time of year to get engaged and give diamonds as gifts - even more so than Valentine's Day we find. With family all around it is a sentimental season and a perfect time to invite your partner to officially become part of that family. Ah, love...!

Debbie's pick of the month

This was a lovely ring set to create, for a customer who had been disappointed with another jeweller's attempts to make what she was after. We always pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and competitive prices.

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (1)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (2)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (3)

Pictured: Platinum custom designed engagement ring set with customer's own 8.5 x 5.6 pear shaped centre diamond. The matching halo and shoulder diamonds are comprised of 14 x 0.02ct round brilliant cut diamonds, 20 x 0.01ct round brilliant cut diamonds and 10 x 0.005ct round brilliant cut diamonds and total 0.49ct.

Also pictured in the first photograph: Platinum custom designed wedding band set with 13 x 0.02ct round brilliant cut diamonds totalling 0.26ct.

Emily's pick of the month

The Bunda design is one of my all-time favourites. It is an eye-catching, traffic-stopping, retinal-blinding statement piece of jewellery that will never fail to blatantly flaunt its sparkle power.

With more than twenty grams of gold weight and over five carats of princess and baguette cut diamonds, it is utterly enchanting.

View more at

Emily's Pick Of The Month (1)

Emily's Pick Of The Month (2)

White gold custom designed unisex ring, featuring 16 x straight baguette cut and 18 x square princess cut diamonds in D-F colour, VS clarity totalling 5.2 carats.

New world record set by pink diamond

Weighing in at 59.60 carats, the Pink Star is believed to be the world's largest pink diamond. It was sold for a record breaking $89 million in Geneva earlier this month. The plum sized diamond was auctioned by Sotheby's and purchased by New York based diamond cutter, Isaac Wolf, and renamed "Pink Dream."

The Pink Star was cut and polished from a 132.5 carat rough diamond mined by De Beers in Africa in 1991. The cutting and polishing process took around two years and afterwards the Pink Star was worn by Danish model, Helena Christensen to display the stone for the first time to the public in Monaco in 2003.

It certainly has been a big month for big diamonds, the day before the "Pink Star" auction, the largest fancy vivid orange diamond ever auctioned sold for $35.5 million at a Christie's auction.

Well, I know what I'd like for Christmas!

Pink Star

See our pink diamonds section on our website for more drooling...!

In Focus: Verifying at the source

A recent article concerning the 'truth about diamonds' prompted us to want to explain a little more of the finer details of how it is we actually verify the diamonds we sell and guarantee here at Original Diamonds.

We have discussed in detail issues around diamond clarity in our earlier February newsletter.

You might recall that in order for us to guarantee the highest quality of diamonds for our clients, we have to weigh up the many factors that contribute to making a diamond sparkle to its maximum capacity, whilst keeping in mind the pricing brackets that affect these categories.

In this regard, clarity is a very important aspect to consider because whilst flawless diamonds are the most rare, a diamond does not have to be flawless to be stunning. In fact, until you drop to the "I" grade, a diamond's clarity grade has an impact on the diamond's value, not on the unmagnified diamond's appearance.

Diamonds with VVS and VS grades are excellent choices for both value and appearance.

More affordable (and a great choice, and starting point) are those diamonds which gemologists call "eye-clean" - diamonds with no inclusions visible to the naked eye. These diamonds are SI1 and SI2 and unless the recipient carries a 10X loupe (a strong jewellery magnifying glass), they won't see the inclusions.

As to I1-I3? Maybe when there's a diamond grade that's defined as "you can see the flaws just by looking at the diamond," nothing more needs to be said. We don't recommend these.

We confer directly with the cutting and polishing house holding the particular stone we have selected. If they cannot confirm that the stone is one hundred per cent eye clean, we will not purchase it. Simple as that.

Verifying at the source

In a consultation with Jason or Debbie, you will often hear them speak of the benefits of our "direct contact with the cutting and polishing houses".

What this means is significant, most especially in relation to clarity. Whilst other jewellers can say "eye-clean" when speaking of SI1/2 stones, there is a huge variation between what we would consider a Poor SI1 and a Perfectly eye-clean SI1 (see image above) and these are elements you CANNOT determine from a GIA certificate alone. In fact a much more detailed language is spoken between cutting and polishing houses and ourselves when we are spending the time sourcing the perfect stones for our customers.

For instance, although the presence of a "feather" inclusion may be stated on the certificate, do you know:

  • What colour it is (black or white)?
  • Its position on the stone (off to the side, where it could be hidden with a claw when set, or right in the middle of the table)?
  • Is it considered to be Minor or Medium?

WE DO! And that is all part of the service and confidence you can rely on when purchasing a diamond from us.

You can read the original article at

Win this gorgeous topaz pendant and earrings set!

We have extended your chance to win this stunning necklace and earrings set.

All you have to do is write us a review on our new Google+ page before the 20th December. If you have previously already been amazingly kind and written us a review, then you may copy and paste the same one.

Many of you will know that we are in the process of opening our new store in Sydney in the historically beautiful 350 George Street building. It would help us immeasurably to get up and running if some of our lovely customers could post reviews on this new Google+ page.

The winner will be announced just before we close for Christmas. Thank you and good luck!

Gorgeous topaz pendant and earrings set (1)

Gorgeous topaz pendant and earrings set (2)

Gorgeous topaz pendant and earrings set (3)

These massive gems, measuring 19.2mm x 12.55mm on the necklace and 15.74mm x 10.00mm on the earrings are complimented by beautiful small diamonds and set in 14K white gold.

Coming up in December

Look out for the announcement of our winner of the Topaz set above. We will announce it on Facebook and contact the winner through the Gmail address with which they posted their review.

We will be closed over the Christmas holidays on Friday the 20th December, and from December 24th to January 1st inclusive. Make sure to come in for professional cleaning and polishing before your Christmas party, to be sure of a 'White' Christmas.

Until next time!
The Team at Jason Withers.

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