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April 2014

31/3/2014 23:00:34

Jason returned from the international jewellery fares in Hong Kong and Bangkok full of new inspiration and ideas and excited to implement them into the business in the upcoming months. One such development is our new "Newsletter Special", whereby we will be offering a heavily discounted piece for the first 48 hours after the newsletter has been published - see our first one below, a spectacular yellow oval diamond centre stone, at this price, it is beyond a bargain.

Jason's Thought Corner. Difference in the Cut: Big or Beautiful?

Jason Withers

"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together."
Vincent Van Gogh."

The way in which diamonds are formed deep in the Earth will determine what cut of diamond is produced. They are formed in the cubic crystal system, where the unit cell is in the shape of a cube. Common shapes of rough diamond include octahedron and dodecahedron.

Diamonds are sold and measured by weight (carats), so some cutting and polishing houses cut for maximum weight instead of beauty (not my cup of tea). This is the commercial end of the diamond market, where weight is valued over cut and they tend to be lower grade overall in colour, clarity, etc.

Perfect ideal cut diamonds have the most beauty. This is my recommended choice, as more time and energy go into perfecting the cutting angles and alignment of facet edges, creating the maximum sparkle and scintillation possible. Table spread and depth percentiles create perfect balance in the cut.

Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamonds

'Ideal' cut on the left. 'Poor' cut on the right.

'Ideal' cut on the left. 'Poor' cut on the right.

Diamonds cut to perfection are seen by all as objects of desire and beauty.

Read more about ideal proportions here.

Debbie's pick of the month

Sometimes, it only takes a very subtle deviation from a classic design to create a wonderful, unique piece that has that personalised feel about it. The addition of the two round brilliant cut shoulder diamonds, subtly hammer set into the band in this design, adds a little something extra which really makes this memorable. Warmest wishes to Paul and Kate!

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (1)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (2)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (3)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (4)

1 x platinum (950) custom designed engagement ring (Style 8312). Set with 1 x 0.70ct, F colour, SI1 clarity, GIA certified, round brilliant cut diamond, Triple Excellent (Cut, Symmetry and Polish) and 2 x 0.025ct RBCs (E/F VS).

Emily's pick of the month

I love an unusual and bold design, particularly with coloured stones. These perfectly matching curved trilliant sapphires superbly flank the perfect "Hearts and Arrows" centre diamond and add a flash of colour and touch of interest to an otherwise all-white ring. Congratulations to the lucky couple, Kiera and Richard, on their engagement. It has been a pleasure making your dream ring come true!

Emily's Pick Of The Month (1)

Emily's Pick Of The Month (2)

Emily's Pick Of The Month (3)

Bespoke engagement ring in 18k white gold with palladium. Set with 1 x round brilliant cut centre diamond of 0.50ct, F colour, VS2 clarity, triple excellent, "Hearts and Arrows", GIA certified. Also set with a matching pair of top grade 3.5 mm Australian blue trilliant cut sapphires and 12 x 1.5 mm round brilliant cut shoulder diamonds totalling 0.18ct in E/F colour, VS clarity.

De Beers Hopes For Diamond Exploration Rights In Angola By Year-End

De Beers, the world's largest diamond miner by market value, hopes to obtain a concession to explore in Angola by the end of this year, chief executive Philippe Mellier said.

The London-based company, majority-owned by global miner Anglo American, is also holding initial talks with India about exploring in some areas in the centre-north of the country.

De Beers Hopes For Diamond Exploration Rights In Angola By Year-End

"We expect to have news about exploration licenses before the end of this year and we are in contact with the Angolan government to discuss that. We hope that it's going to be successful," Mellier told Reuters in an interview last week.

Early stage work in Angola should start later this year, a spokesman for the company added.

Russia's Alrosa, De Beers' main competitor, already operates the Catoca mine in Angola, the world's fourth-largest, in a joint venture with Angola's state-owned Endiama.

De Beers previously explored for diamonds in Angola between 2005 and 2012 but concluded that a stand-alone deposit in the area was not economic and relinquished its concession.

It is now going back to explore a new area in the country, which Mellier said was highly prospective.

Angola is the world's fourth-largest diamond producer by value, and sixth by volume, and the government is keen to boost a sector where few companies are currently drilling. But the country needs to develop transport links and services for mining companies, and make geological data more accessible, according to a study published late last year.

Rough and polished

De Beers produced more than 31 million carats of diamonds last year at its existing operations in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Canada. The Botswana government owns 15 percent of De Beers, while Anglo American owns the rest.

With underlying operating profit of just over $1 billion in 2013, the diamond miner was the third largest contributor to the Anglo American's earnings.

De Beers, which mines and distributes rough diamonds and also manufactures and sells diamond jewellery under its Forevermark brand, said rough diamond prices rose by about 2-3 percent last year and have increased by a further 2-3 percent this year.

Mellier, a French national who before joining De Beers as chief executive in 2011 held senior positions at Ford, Renault and Alstom, said sentiment was upbeat this month at the Hong Kong international diamond shoq, seen as a barometer of the health of the diamond industry.

"The Hong Kong show was pretty good, it was better than last year. We saw Chinese, Indians, Japanese were buying, and buying in good numbers," he said.

"Expectations were high, because Chinese New Year was good and the first feedback I am getting is that it was in line with expectations or even better."

He said he expected 4-4.5 percent growth in the dollar value of the world polished diamond market this year.

Retail sales of diamond jewellery were worth more than $72 billion in 2012 while rough diamond production generated revenues of around $15 billion, according to consulting firm Bain & Company, the latest available data.

Full story here

Triple Excellent Diamonds Catalog

See our Triple Excellent diamonds section on our website to view rare and stunning diamond opportunities to purchase for yourself!

In Focus: Million Dollar iPhone

Apple iPhones have the reputation for being fragile at the best of times, but a jeweller has created a model so expensive its unlikely its owner will want to take it out of the box.

The handset, built by London-based jewellery firm Alchemist, is the world's most expensive iPhone with a £600,000 ($1 million) price tag.

Dubbed Million Dollar iPhone, the handset has a handmade, 24-carat gold bezel and is covered in 700 individual diamonds, totalling over seven carats.

In focus: Million Dollar iPhone (1)

It is covered in 700 individual diamonds totalling more than seven carats.

In focus: Million Dollar iPhone (2)

More than 50 diamonds were used to recreate the Apple logo on the rear of the case.

In focus: Million Dollar iPhone (3)

The rear panel of the Million Dollar iPhone is made from 24-carat gold.

In focus: Million Dollar iPhone (4)

The navigation button is also made from 24-carat gold and has a two carat diamond cut into the centre.

It took seven months to build and Alchemist London said it only plans to make two of the handsets.

The company said it set out to create an item that was so luxurious it would 'redefine the meaning of grandeur' and spent seven months making the bespoke device.

'It has culminated in the production of the most sought after piece of customised technology available in the world today,' said a spokesman for Alchemist London.

The navigation button is also made from 24-carat gold and has a two carat diamond cut into the centre.

The spokesman added: 'Meticulous, painstaking, and methodical are the closest words with which to describe the creative process.

'The design has been called, 'A challenge of epic aesthetic and technical proportions.'

Only two of the handsets will be sold, with prospective buyers being asked to formally register their interest on either of the company's two websites, the-million-dollar-iPhone.com and gold-alchemist.com.

The handset and accessories, including a charger and USB cable, come in a bespoke case.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2573726/

April Newsletter Special

For 48 hours only, this one-of-a-kind ring is only $2000!

April special (1)

Beautiful natural fancy light yellow coloured oval centre diamond of 0.89 carats, certified by GIA. Side diamonds are 12 x round brilliant cut white (top parcel - E/F colour, VS clarity) totalling 0.06 carats. Features beautiful filigree detailing under 18k white gold setting with milgrain and tapering 18k yellow gold band.

April special (2)

Why not share this with your friends who may be looking for that something special to surprise their loved one with?

Coming up in May

Jason's large coloured stone order is due to arrive any day now. We are very excited to sort through them and set them into a variety of different live mounts we have been designing in the past months. Stay tuned for sneak peak images in our next newsletter.

As always, we are here to help with whatever it is you wish to create. Please make an appointment to see just how easy giving a custom designed, specially made piece to the one you love, can really be.

Until next time!
The Team at Jason Withers.

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