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May 2014

30/4/2014 19:11:02

With all these public holidays, April has been a relatively short month in the studio - but busy, busy, to make up for it! In addition, Emily has been on her annual leave in the USA for the month - we have certainly missed her, are excited to have her back for the start of May (and to hear all about her adventures).

Jason Withers

Jason's Thought Corner. Fancy Coloured Diamonds: A fad, or beauty from the gods?

Firstly, you must know, I love natural coloured diamonds. Every diamond, like every person, has their own distinct personality and mark of beauty.

Technically, these diamonds are born in the same way as white diamonds, but have the inclusion of minute colour fragments in their crystal structures.

With blue and pink diamonds being the most rare and precious of the fancies, it's exciting to also see now, as in history past, vivid, canary and fancy yellow diamonds making a huge resurgence with prices now surpassing the finest whites.

The best way to set a very strong coloured diamond is by adding in small white diamonds to the design to truly emphasise the colour - see below for a few of history's most famous coloured diamonds, set with whites surrounding them.

See you next time,

Jason's Thought Corner. Fancy Coloured Diamonds: A fad, or beauty from the gods?

In focus: Gemstones and Debbie's pick of the month

As Emily is away on annual leave this month, I've decided to combine my In Focus musings with my pick of the month. In light of Jason's thoughts on coloured diamonds, and the ever increasing prices of precious stones, I wanted to focus on the beauty and usability our clients are continuing to find with alternative gemstones.

For millenia, humankind has been fascinated by gemstones. While diamonds are still the first choice for most people, the more discerning buyers are getting increasingly adventurous. And luckily for them, there’s no dearth of options out there with alternatives ranging from the traditional rubies, emeralds and sapphires to the more contemporary tourmalines and kunzites. Today, coloured stones are used in jewellery for various reasons such as—aesthetics, cost effectiveness and current trends. The international jewellery market uses more coloured stones like blue topazes, aquamarines, sapphires and the ripples of those trends clear to us here at the studio.

The Glam Factor

Be it bold opulent pieces, cocktail rings or chandelier earrings, designers are creating designs studded with semi-precious stones. Working with semi-precious stones adds freshness and originality to each piece. It adds to the glamour quotient and makes a style statement. A single signature piece with semi-precious coloured stones can complement any outfit and create the desired effect. Below is a great example of adding a unique element to a traditional trilogy design, with the intense purple of these pear shaped amethysts.

In focus: Gemstones and Debbie's pick of the month (1)

Rubies in the Sky

The rising price of diamonds is driving demand for semi-precious coloured stones, which offer opulence at a great cost. There has also been a rise in the popularity of rose cut, uncut and champagne-coloured diamonds. There are many coloured gemstones, besides diamonds that not only look good but have historical associations to love. Red and pink stones symbolise the heart, and thus, passion and a zest for life. With red, one instantly thinks of rubies but the same symbolism can be conveyed with red garnets or red tourmalines or pink sapphires. Pictured below is a lovely engagement ring and wedding band pair, set with deep pink sapphires. They really do set off the flower shape design of the engagement ring and highlight the perfect white of the centre diamond.

In focus: Gemstones and Debbie's pick of the month (2)

Precious and Priceless

Multi-coloured gemstones do not offer the same intrinsic value as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, but their allure lies in their price and design potential. Increased demand for bespoke jewellery, coupled with price-consciousness has meant designers are turning to little-known gems for both unusual colour effects and a semblance of affordability. As a result, prices of lesser-known gemstones are also gradually rising.

We have noticed that women look out for jewellery pieces that match international trends. People are willing to sport bold pieces and flaunt gemstones of different colours and sizes. We attempt to create jewels that are high couture, customised and rare. The eternally popular choices of rubies, emeralds, pearls and sapphires prevail, yet people are experimenting with sapphires in various beautiful soothing colours, aquamarines (as featured below), tourmalines and briolettes, as they understand that these can add the much needed volume and texture to any design. Make a time to come and see us to discuss, in person, the many gorgeous variations of classic designs, using semi-precious stones, that we can create with you.

In focus: Gemstones and Debbie's pick of the month (3)

Dutch designer to make diamonds out of smog

A new initiative in Beijing will seek to suck smog out of the air and transform it into diamonds.

Dutch designer to make diamonds out of smog

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has devised a solution to air pollution in one of the world's most populous cities - a solution that sounds like it's drawn straight from Hollywood. Roosegaarde says he has an agreement with Beijing's leaders to test a prototype in a city park next year: a vacuum tower that will suck in smog, cleaning the air. The idea doesn't end there - the designer intends to then transform that smog into diamonds.

The vacuum tower would work by attracting smog particles with an electromagnetic field. "By creating a field of ions, all the particles on the nano scale get positively charged," said Roosegaarde, "therefore when the ground is negatively charged, you can drag them to the ground, and purify the air - 75 percent, 80 percent more clean. The great thing about the technology is that is safe. It's already being used in hospitals and it's very energy-friendly, so to have 30,000 cubic meters of clean air purified, it only uses like 30 Watts, which is like a light bulb."

Roosegaarde explained that this technology would create "corridors" of clean air that would allow sunlight to shrine through. His Beijing prototype will produce immediate results.

"We started to look at the smog particles and realized that most of it exists out of carbon," Roosegaarde said. "And what happens when you put carbon under a lot of pressure for two or three weeks, you get... diamonds. We are taking a thousand cubic meters of smog air and compressing this in a sort of smog ring, and there will be different versions, so if we compress it really, really a lot, you get like a real diamond-diamond. The largest series will be that we compress it a little bit less so it gets crystallized, so you still see it's smog, but it's beautiful and by sharing or selling a diamond ring like that, a smog ring, you donate a thousand cubic meters of clean air to the city of Beijing."

While Roosegaarde didn't delve further into the details, it is reasonable to assume that this won't be some magic way to create "free" diamonds. There exist energy and equipment requirements for producing synthetic diamonds, which currently represent approximately 2% of the gem-quality diamond market.

Full story here.

* * *

Triple Excellent Diamonds Catalog

See our Triple Excellent diamonds section on our website to view rare and stunning diamond opportunities to purchase for yourself!

13-Carat Blue Diamond May Fetch $25 Million

It’s been a calm start to the 2014 auction season (particularly when compared with last year’s big-ticket items) but the market will be heating up with Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale May 14.

13-Carat Blue Diamond May Fetch $25 Million

Leading the sale at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues is "The Blue." At 13.22 carats it is the largest flawless vivid blue diamond in the world, according to the auction house. It is estimated to fetch $21 to $25 million.

The 250 lot sale includes several statement diamonds, rare natural pearl necklaces, private collections and signed jewels. It is estimated to fetch a total of $80 million, Christie’s said.

Another highlight of the sale is what the auction house is calling the largest fancy vivid blue-green diamond in the world to come to auction. Known as "The Ocean Dream," the 5.50-carat gem has an estimate of $7.5 to $9.5 million. "The combination of its size, natural origin, hue, and saturated color makes it an extremely unusual occurrence," Christie’s said in a statement.

Read more here.

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May Newsletter Special

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Second version of the our Android app

Fully updated new version 2.0 of the "Engagement Rings" app! There are many improvements in it:

  • redesigned user interface
  • significantly improved quality of the rings photos
  • some issues has been fixed
  • new rings has been added too

Android app "Engagement Rings" v2.0

You can get new version in the Google Play Market

Coming up in June

There will be another exclusive, monthly special to look out for; our coloured stone collection is looking close to being ready to display; and we are working on some amazing new art deco designs - we can't wait to show you!

As always, we are here to help with whatever it is you wish to create. Please make an appointment to see just how easy giving a custom designed, specially made piece to the one you love, can really be.

Until next time!
The Team at Jason Withers.

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