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June 2014

31/5/2014 12:50:42

Well, the new federal budget may have smacked some of us into tightening our purse rings somewhat, but love (like cosmetic sales, I'm told) continues to thrive regardless, and with it - the purchase of some beautiful jewellery. We have been delighted to see that those lucky folk who've found their special someone will brook no resistance in the name of love, and have continued to honour us with the privilege of creating their special pieces.

Jason's Thought Corner:
The Business of Love

Combining aspects of love, beauty, design, science and history, this is a great trade to be in. Happy engagements and marriages start with the perfect Engagement Ring, non?

Jason Withers

The beauty of the engagement ring will cause the wearer to view the ring more times than they look at themselves in the mirror, which is why it is important to get the beauty of the diamond and design of the ring correct.

Ever wondered why we wear the engagement and wedding rings on our fourth finger? Doctors used to be believe that there was a Vena Amoris - the vein of love - running directly from the ring finger to your heart. Encircling your lover's finger with a ring symbolizes that their heart belongs to you. (They also believed that it was possible to cure heart disease and heart attacks simply by doing things to the fourth finger of the patient's hand.(The Etymologicion by Mark Forsyth))

Diamond in ancient Greek is: αδάμας (adámas), meaning "proper", "unalterable", "unbreakable". By adding it to a gold ring - the most valued metal in ancient and modern times - and encircling the Vena Amoris, it is the highest value symbol of love in earthly materials that we can really give to each other to wear everyday.

With our hectic, modern lives and 'take-away' consumerism, it's nice to think that some of the things we do really relate back to our beginnings.

See you next time,

The Business of Love

In focus: Setting Styles

When designing a piece of jewellery, we discuss different setting styles with the client for the gemstones or diamonds. Because there are so many different ways to set a diamond it can be quite overwhelming when confronted with this decision. On the shoulders or halo of a ring in particular, they are set in such fine detail, that it can be hard to see exactly what is going on, let alone describe the look you want to achieve. In this article we will describe the various different ways to set shoulder diamonds in particular.

Claw Set

Referring to "finger-like" metal prongs holding the stone in place. Giedi

In focus: Claw Set

Bead Set

A very pretty way of setting the stones in a small channel, where the claws holding the diamonds have been shaped into tiny round "beads". Ankaa 2

In focus: Bead Set

Shared Claw

Can apply to bead, scallop, or pave set where two diamonds sitting next to each other are held by a mutual claw. Aladfar

In focus: Shared Claw

Split Claw

A tiny cut made in a shared claw to achieve a finer look. Diadem

In focus: Split Claw

Scallop Set

A variation on claw set, where small U shaped cuts are made into the side of the band, showing off more of the diamond, and letting more light, and therefore sparkle, into the stone. Decrux

In focus: Scallop Set

Channel Set

Modern and sleek, a channel setting has two long tracks of metal (the edges of the ring), that minutely overlap the edge of the diamonds, holding them side by side. When the diamonds are princess (square) cut, it has the effect of an unending line of sparkle. Acamar

In focus: Channel Set

Bezel Set

The oldest and most secure method of setting jewellery, the stone is surrounded on all sides by a small amount of metal. Libra

Bezel Set

Pave (Par-vay) Set

Literally from the French meaning "paved", where the stones are set so closely together that minimal metal can be seen - often 2 or more rows side by side in "tessellation". In a micro-pave setting, tiny diamonds need to be set with a microscope and the entire surface seems to glitter. Lucida 2

In focus: Pave (Par-vay) Set

Hammer Set

Diamonds are sunk into a small hole where they are flush with the surface of the metal band. Alzir

In focus: Hammer Set

Invisible Set

A highly specialised way of setting, usually with princess cuts, where the girdle of the stone has been specially cut with a groove in it, so they slot together. Arietis

In focus: Invisible Set

Millgrain and Filigree

While not technically a setting style, millgrain and filigree are decorative effects in the metal. Millgrain (from the French for 1000 grains) is where a tool has been used post-setting on metal surface areas to create a pattern of tiny beads or dots. It's common among antique and modern art deco designs, and gives a pretty, vintage look. It's often paired with filigree, which refers to detailed metalwork forming patterns and shapes. Canis

Millgrain and Filigree

Debbie's pick of the month

This was a very exciting ring to make. I love getting the opportunity to remaster a famously branded design (think duck egg blue boxes), customising it to really enhance both its beauty and wearability. The design now comfortably takes a straight wedding band sitting flush up against it, and clearly, that centre stone is a true knockout! We're keeping tightlipped on the lucky recipient, as the proposal hasn't taken place yet - but I imagine a resounding "YES"! How could you say no to that?!

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (1)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (2)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (3)

18ct white gold custom designed engagement ring (with rose gold settings to the pink diamonds). Set with 1 x 0.90ct round brilliant cut centre diamond, GIA certified, E colour, VS1 clarity, Triple Excellent, white halo and shoulder diamonds equalling 0.45ct, and 20 x 1mm 6p colour pink diamonds.

Emily's pick of the month

Timeless yet modern, elegant yet bold. This design is many things and will never go out of fashion. The setting style is sleek and very wearable - those claws will never snag on your favourite pashmina!

Emily's Pick Of The Month (1)

Emily's Pick Of The Month (2)

Emily's Pick Of The Month (3)

Trilogy style engagement ring in 18ct white gold. Set with 1 x 0.97ct centre emerald cut diamond, F colour, VS1 clarity, excellent polish, very good symmetry, GIA certified and laser inscribed. Also set with 2 x straight baguette cut side diamonds in E/F colour, VS clarity totalling 0.302ct.

Christie's Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels Sale Achieves $92M

Christie's Hong Kong sale of magnificent jewels achieved $91.9 million and was 81 percent sold by lot. Nonetheless, the sale fell short of its pre-sale estimate of $100 million. One of the top lots, a rare Golconda diamond necklace named the "Eye of Golconda," remained unsold during the evening.

Pair of 25.49 and 25.31 carat, D, Type IIa diamond ear pendants

Bidders still offered top prices for colourless and coloured diamonds as well as coloured gemstones, jadeite and natural pearls. The auction house set a world record for an intense green diamond when a 6.13-carat, VS2, fancy intense green cushion-shaped diamond ring achieved $3.6 million or $594,510 per carat.

The top lot of the sale (pictured) was a pair of 25.49 and 25.31 carat, D, Type IIa diamond ear pendants, which sold for $9.7 million or $191,746 per carat to an Asian private buyer.

The second top lot was a 9.38-carat, pear-shaped, fancy intense pink diamond ring which achieved $5.96 million or $636,117 per carat.

A jadeite bangle achieved $5.2 million, while a 26.20 carat, D, flawless, type IIa, brilliant-cut diamond fetched $4.95 million or $189,828 per carat.

9.38-carat, pear-shaped, fancy intense pink diamond ring

Other colourless diamonds that sold included a 26.20 carat, D, flawless, brilliant cut diamond for $4.9 million or $188,958 per carat and a 23.76 carat, D, flawless, brilliant-cut diamond that fetched $4.7 million or $199,200 per carat.

Top coloured gemstone lots included a suite of Burmese "pigeon's blood" ruby and diamond jewellery weighting a total of 65.07 carats by James W. Currens for Faidee garnered $4.8 million, while a 28.88 carat cushion-shaped Colombian emerald sold for $4.2 million or $143,780 per carat.

A 12.93 carat, VS2, rectangular, fancy orangey-pink diamond by Harry Winston achieved $3.6 million or $281,852 per carat.

See full article here.

* * *

Triple Excellent Diamonds Catalog

See our Triple Excellent diamonds section on our website to view rare and stunning diamond opportunities to purchase for yourself!

June Newsletter Special

For 48 hours only, this one-of-a-kind ring is only $16,500!

Lesath (AKA, The Umbrella Ring)

Beautifully vivid 1.93ct Oval Cut Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow Diamond, certified by GIA. This exquisite stone flashes alternating shades of greens, yellows and browns in different light. Set in a contemporary, eye-catching design featuring alternating diamond set white and yellow gold detailing and 3/4 carat of top parcel small diamonds.

June Newsletter Special (1)

June Newsletter Special (2)

June Newsletter Special (3)

Why not share this with your friends who may be looking for that something special to surprise their loved one with?

Please enquire at the studio +61 (7) 3839-4088 if you are interested in purchasing this gorgeous piece.

Second version of our iPhone app

Fully updated new version 2.0 of the "Engagement Rings" app! There are many improvements in it:

  • iOS 7 feel and look
  • redesigned user interface
  • significantly improved quality of ring photos
  • some issues have been fixed
  • new rings have been added

Second version of the "Engagement Rings" app for iPhone

More information and screenshots on the official mobile apps support website.
New version available in the AppStore.

Coming up in July

Jason is off to Hong Kong again - to personally deliver a very special piece to one lucky lady (images to come)!

As always, we are here to help with whatever it is you wish to create. Please make an appointment to see just how easy giving a custom designed, specially made piece to the one you love, can really be.

Until next time!
The Team at Jason Withers

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