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August 2014

31/7/2014 13:43:51

As always there are a variety of new happenings keeping us busy here in the studio. Jason returned from Hong Kong, where he was hand delivering a very special piece to one of our clients.

Jason's Thought Corner: A Couple's Journey with Jason

Jason Withers

Firstly I would like to say that I LOVE my business. To me it is so much more than just the combining of precious materials into a design, it is knowing I have made something that is important to the couple's future and continuing love and commitment to one another. It feels wonderful to be a part of that.

The enjoyment and interest in meeting new couples at a positive time in their lives always makes me smile. During the process of seeing them return for their wedding, eternity bands, gifts of love, etc, I also see the product of their relationship in meeting the many children and babies that grace the studio with their smiles and gurgles, enjoying the bright shiny things, many mirrors, and my dog, Melee.

Often I see people changing their partners, but this keeps me smiling because it means they have truly found what they are looking for in life.

See you next time,

In focus: Diamond Fluorescence

An intriguing phenomenon of some diamonds is that they appear to glow blue, and less often green, yellow, orange, or a combination of these colours when exposed to invisible ultraviolet rays. This glow is called fluorescence, and lasts only as long as the diamond is exposed to the ultraviolet rays.

In most cases, fluorescence is caused by the presence of nitrogen as a trace element impurity in diamond. You may know that diamonds are composed of carbon atoms organised in a lattice-like crystal structure. Sometimes some carbon atoms are missing in the lattice. These single or multiple vacancies may each be filled by a nitrogen atom. For example, a single nitrogen atom trapped near a vacancy causes bright orange-yellow fluorescence. But most commonly, three nitrogen atoms in lattice positions adjacent to a vacancy cause blue fluorescence.

In addition to colour, fluorescence also varies by strength - from none, faint, medium, strong, and very strong, as described on GIA grading reports. The fluorescence colour and its intensity are additional characteristics that can help to identify a specific diamond.

In focus: Diamond Fluorescence (1)

Fluorescence is a common phenomenon in diamond. Of all the diamonds submitted to GIA over the past decade, approximately 25% to 35% exhibit some degree of fluorescence. And of those, only 10% show strengths of fluorescence in the medium, strong, or very strong categories.

GIA studies have shown that the strength of fluorescence has no widely noticeable effect on a colourless or near-colourless diamond's appearance. In fact, many prefer the appearance of diamonds that have medium to strong fluorescence. In very rare cases (fewer that 0.2% of the fluorescent diamonds submitted to GIA), some diamonds with extremely strong blue fluorescence may appear hazy or oily.

The presence of nitrogen or other impurity atoms in the diamond crystal structure does not have any influence on the hardness or durability of a diamond.

Listed below are the abbreviations for describing strength of fluorescence that should be noted when reading a diamond grading report:

  • N, NO, NON, - No Fluorescence
  • F, FB, FT, FA, - Faint or Faint Blue Fluorescence
  • SL, SLB, SLT, - Slight Fluorescence
  • M, MO, ME, MD - Medium or Moderate Fluorescence
  • S, ST, STB, STG, - Strong Fluorescence
  • E, EX, EXB, EF, - Extreme Fluorescence

In focus: Diamond Fluorescence (2)

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender celebrates 30th anniversary

Desired by jewellers such as Graff, Tiffany and Moussaieff, pink diamonds have along the way, changed the course of jewellery history and contemporary jewellery design.

The 2014 Tender, will debut in Sydney on August 14-15 and then travel on to New York and Hong Kong, before closing in October 2014.

It comprises of 50-60 of the most exceptional, polished pink diamonds representing a year’s production from the Argyle Diamond Mine. The Tender collection includes a beautiful selection of pink and red diamonds.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender celebrates 30th anniversary

Approximately, 150 people globally are invited to attend a private viewing and invited to place a sealed bid on one diamond, multiple diamonds or can bid for the entire collection.

Although pink diamonds tend to be collected by Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), Argyle has created a Limited Edition selection of Argyle Pink diamond pendants to commemorate the Tender’s 30th anniversary; they are priced at a modest $20,000. Prices for the hero diamonds from the Argyle Tender can exceed $1 million per carat, which is why they are sometimes called “the most concentrated form of wealth on earth!”

* * *

Triple Excellent Diamonds Catalog

See our Triple Excellent diamonds section on our website to view rare and stunning diamond opportunities to purchase for yourself!

Debbie's pick of the month

How lucky I am to be able to design rings for people I know and love?! This ring was a special creation for a friend I hadn't seen in a while. He contacted me out of the blue to tell me he was going to take the love of his life on holiday to Italy and propose to her - and would I be able to help he design the perfect ring? It was a lovely surprise, and my absolute pleasure to do just that. Based on a few different Art Deco designs that had tickled both of their interests, we combined all the elements to create this stunning, unique piece. Congratulations to Grace and Hosie, I'm so thrilled for you both!

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (1)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (2)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (3)

1 x 18ct white gold custom designed engagement ring. Set with 1 x 0.71ct Emerald Cut diamond (GIA certified #2166321966, laser inscribed). Excellent Polish, Excellent Symmetry. Surrounded by 12 custom cut synthetic green emeralds. Finger size K1/2. Metal weight 4.58g.

Emily's pick of the month

Keeping in the theme of "friends", I recently had the chance to make a complete set of engagement and wedding rings for some "expecting" friends of mine for the very first time. And what an honour it was. it is wonderful to know that you are giving your friend the very best quality and service that they deserve during this special time in their life. They had admired a Tiffany & Co. style ring, so using that as an inspiration, we improved on it to make it even more special.

Emily's Pick Of The Month (1)

Emily's Pick Of The Month (2)

Custom designed engagement ring in 18k white gold, set with 1.51ct square cushion cut diamond in F colour, SI1 clarity - 100% eye clean, GIA certified. Also set with 16 x 1.7mm round brilliant cut shoulder diamonds E/F colour, VS clarity. And perfectly matching diamond set wedding ring.


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Up In The Attic Wedding photography

Up In The Attic Wedding photography

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting with Amy and Andrew of "Up In The Attic". Jason was extremely impressed by the quality of their work, and its beautiful presentation. If you have a wedding to plan, take a look at their website:

As you know, we are big fans of word-of-mouth referrals and positive customer reviews and testimonials. Here's one of theirs:

“Dear Amy and Andrew

Ata and I wanted to say a huge thank you for photographing our wedding. The photos were exactly as we wanted them to be. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.
We loved how natural the photos were, how you captured the venue, and the candid shots of our friends and family are amazing.
We felt that you were both enjoying the day, and that made us happy.
You were both professional, patient, enthusiastic and kind. We received several comments, on our wedding day and since, of how wonderful you were.
Thanks again for everything.

Lisa and Ata”

August Newsletter Special

For 48 hours only, this stunning piece ring is only $4500!

1 x custom made ladies 18k white gold “antique flower style” engagement ring. Set with 1 x 0.50ct, F colour, VS1 clarity, triple excellent (cut, symmetry, polish) GIA certified round brilliant cut centre diamond, 0.54 ct of custom cut rubies in the halo and 8 x 1mm round brilliant cut diamonds on the shoulders 0.06ct (E/F, VS quality). Metal weight 4.68 grams.

Custom made ladies 18k white gold "antique flower style" engagement ring.

Why not share this with your friends who may be looking for that something special to surprise their loved one with?

Please enquire at the studio +61 (7) 3839-4088 if you are interested in purchasing this gorgeous piece. It can be sized perfectly to fit at no extra charge.

Coming up in September

Jason is off overseas again (lucky thing) to enjoy some of what's left of the European summer, but also to meet with out IT experts to brainstorm some up and coming ideas we've been planning for our websites and apps for the year ahead.

Wondering where do you even begin when you want to have a beautiful piece of jewellery made?

Make an appointment with us and bring your dream to life. We can sit down with you and create your perfect engagement ring, wedding ring or even remodel a well loved gem into a more modern setting.

As always, we are here to help with whatever it is you wish to create. Please make an appointment to see just how easy giving a custom designed, specially made piece to the one you love, can really be.

Until next time!
The Team at Jason Withers

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